Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Uh oh, somebody has some good news

I'm literally less than ten feet away from my computer, but I won't tell where (hint- I'm in the bathroom), and I'm not really up to making the trip to my desk because A) I'm not finished and B) I actually prefer to post via the iPhone, because it's A) none of your business [wtflol].
Anyway, outside credit is due for this post, and I oblige that credit to a Mr. Garett Storm, a colleague and compatriot in the various fields of interest of which I occupy.
Alright, alright. I'll get to the point. The point, is near. The point. The pooooint...ahh yes. Batman.
Ok, fine, go ahead and flip out on me just like everybody else. 'Jesus, man, what is all this batman fluff? Where has your head gone, brother? You're not the same' [slams door].
Well ok, first off, this is my blog and I'll do whatever I want and say whatever I want to say. And to play devils advocate (meaning in support of myself), the next batman is going to be unbelievable, so any new developments are noteworthy, and I think this recent development is especially worthy of note. The point...the point...I ha't.
Tom Hardy is going to be in the third Christopher Nolan batman feature. Oh gawd, Lawd up above, have mercy. Tom Hardy was great in inception, just for that little piece he had, but if we're talking serious Tom Hardy, we're talking Bronson.
Bronson is, believe it or not, the movie you should be watching right now. Seriously- if you have netflix, go watch it. It's an instant watch. It's about this goes to prison and just tinkers with e'erbody. He wrecks house. Tom hardy is the guy. Lawd, see this movie. It's worth it. Hardy actually won an Oscar for this movie, but there was some kind of mix up, and the envelopes got switched. It was Sean Penn.
Anyway, the next batman. He's definitely confirmed for a lead role in the movie, and short of hardy showing up in a skimpy Robin uniform, I think it's safe to say he's going to play the villain. I thought I was excited when I thought Joseph Gordon-levitt was a shoe in for the villain, but this is just as, if not cooler than, that.
All that is moot, howe'er, because nothing as far as casting has officially been announced. We don't even know who the villain will be, but the fact that it starts principal photography in May and will be released July after next is assured. For all we know, Bale could be the new Alfred. Unlikely, however, as Michael Caine controls the rights to every movie ever made in perpetuity. And he doesn't like handing anything over. Trust me.
Yeah. This was a fun post, I'm glad it happened. Picture on the way, expect greatness.

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