Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Good Movies That Haven't Come Out Yet

Hey guys, here I am again, sitting in class, learnin' bout stuff, blogging the night away. My iPhone is so cool that it gives people x-ray vision and makes them healthier. Check your blood pressure, bitch, I speak the truth.
[reorganizes desk]
A movie is like a woman- you never know what to expect, and you can't trust them. It might lure you in with promises of happiness, integrity, and children, but in the end it's never what you hoped it would be.

Me: 'Well, I just met this movie, and it seems really nice, I just really hope it works out'

One of my many friends: 'Dude, just remember what happened last time you felt ready to give your heart to a movie. Remember the pain.'

Me: 'Alright, man, look- lay off. She's the one, ok? The one.'

Check it out fool.
This is the next David cronenberg movie- 'A Dangerous Method', and here is a list of reasons that it might be good.

1)Cronenberg makes good movies, and is getting better with age. You know him (or don't, whatever, be prepared to be briefed) the Goldmblum version of The Fly [cheeseburger]. He is considered one of the masters of 80's horror and has maintained his reputation, and his last movie, Eastern Promises, was super badass and wasn't even a horror movie.

2) The cast. Viggo. Need I say more? I will anyway. Viggo got an Oscar nod for Promises, and is a nauseatingly amazing actor. Michael Fassbender. Yes? Yes. He's Archie Hicox from Basterds and is also playing the young magneto in the next X-men movie. He's really cool and is slowly climbing the ranks of fame. Oh, and Keira knightly. I really like her. She's really pretty. [faints]

3) the idea sounds really cool. I took psychology in high school and did not exactly pass with flying colors, but I remember thinking that Freud and Jung were badasses, and there hasn't been a solid movie about the two of them yet. I'm just kidding about not passing with flying colors. I aced it.

Like I said, it still could go either way, but regardless, click the link above if you want to see some sweet pics. Those pictures are the reason I decided to blog about it. My thought process on seeing the pictures one by one:

1st pic) Ok, viggo is lookin good, as usual.

2nd pic) Is...is that Keira? Lounging on the couch? Is this happening, viggo AND Keira?

3rd pic) Now who's THIS guy? Is...is that Keira in blow-J position? Mayhap a love triangle?

I hope my heart doesn't get torn to shreds. I can't handle it again. I'm a tender man, a quiet man- one of reserve, and one of passion. I bid you well.

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