Friday, October 22, 2010

Points of Interest

i'm going to cinemeration!

Last week, there was some concern that the conflict between the studios behind The Hobbit and the actors unions who have been on strike against the picture would never end, and it seems Jackson has ended that concern. He's pulling the production out of New Zealand, which means two things- one, the long-standing relationship between Jackson and his home country will never be the same, because this movie would have given the country millions, and two, there is now a 15% chance these movies will not be good.
The main reason is, of course, money. There's $500 million invested in these pictures, and Jackson did the right thing by protecting this investment and getting the hell away from the god-damned MEAA. This is very frustrating to me. I'm the kind of guy who wants indecision with movies I care about to be hanged by the neck until dead.
In other news [shuffles paper], Bilbo Baggins has been cast- Martin Freeman. He's the guy that's in Hot Fuzz and Love, Actually [gush]. This is all good, like I care who plays Bilbo. Bill Nighy, in more interesting news, will play the voice of Smaug the dragon, which will be interesting. I always saw him as kind of a dragon.

Black Swan is going to be flarking awesome. I can't remember the last time I wanted this badly to see a movie at midnight. I like the director a lot and Knightly and Kunis dance in little dance clothes and they're really cute and stuff.
Anyhow, check all of this bullhiggy out. Creepy, creepy stuff. Viral websites. Fun for everybody. Talk about a good trailer, though. I watch it all the time and am very pleased to be reminded that there are still some people out there who actually give a damn about good marketing. I've said this before about movies in the past- some movies don't need good marketing, but all movies should at least try, regardless. Black Swan succeeds.

Can suck it. They own literally everything, and now they control all the rights to The Avengers and Iron Man 3, two movies I feel a deep connection to [throws hat to the ground].
Disney bought Marvel for $4 billion last December, so they've owned all this for a long time, but still. They have to have everything. Disney is like the kid who says 'please sir, can I have some more?', except the kid is twenty feet tall made entierly of biceps.

MEL GIBSON apparently not a desirable person to work with anymore. He was supposed to have a cameo in The Hangover 2, but that is not happening anymore. Tod Phillips went on record by saying that he did not have the full support of the cast and crew behind having Gibson on set, and now a new story is developing that alleges that Zach Galifinakis was basically the only guy who didn't want him there. This surprised me, because I figured Galifinakis to be the kind of guy who could not only deal with anything, but also the kind of guy whose voice would have no leverage in the matter. 'That's great, Zach, now stand over there and do something funny. Rolling.'

This is technically old news, but I'm gonna lay it down anyway, because this is my blog and while it is my blog it is my castle. Two weekends back, Let Me In debuted at number seven. This is what you get for remaking a foreign arthouse movie (it's a remake of Let The Right One In, if ya'll was unawares) for American audiences and expecting a blockbuster. Nothing. I don't know how I feel about it, though. I don't like the director (the dude who directed cloverfield), and I don't like the idea of remaking a movie less than two years after the original release, especially a movie I like, but there it is. I really like the story of LTROI, so the remake will probably be good because it has some elements of the original. It was well reviewed, sure, but that means nothing to the box office. Jeez, grow up, America.
Ok- here's something that surprised me. Jackass 3 is currently the number one film at the American box office. It debuted at $50 million god-damned dollars. Where did this movie come from? I had no idea they were even planning a Jackass 3. There was a Jackas 2? I guess I'm not enough of a duechebag to be on he up and up with Jackass. Which brings to mind- how old are these people? That one midget they have, is he even still alive? How long do they live for? I'm being offensive and I'm sorry. I just don't get midgets, man, seriously. Isn't it something that gets worse over time? How does that work? Or maybe they live super long lives because they're so small. I'm not a doctor. people.

Mhmm, I thought so. Paranormal Activity 2 is so far getting good reviews. I'm not surprised. This is the kind of genre that has been so unexplored that there's a lot of room for development. I'm seeing it on Sunday and am very excited about it. What's not to be excited about, seriously? The reviews concensus was that it's nothing that's going to change your perspective on the whole trippy security camera front, but it's still satisfying. I'm not expecting greatness, I'm expecting something to hold my interest for more than five minutes. Is that so much to ask? Nowadays, yeah. It is.


There's really not much else. Nothing is really happening this week in movies. I, um...yeah. Buy a t-shirt. Long sleeve is currently in development.

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