Sunday, October 3, 2010

Emma Stone is a sex knight

I'm doing this post via my iPhone, so forgive the lack of picture but I had to do this post asap because I'm pretty excited about it [cheers] [sneers] [beers].
The spiderman franchise is...well, is now the old spiderman franchise, but this isn't exactly what the post is about. I love my iPhone! lolololol.
Spiderman 1, at the time before it's release, was one of the most anticipated movies of all time, and that's not an exaggeration. They released a teaser trailer for the movie about two years before the actual release. Sam Raimi was the director, and people didn't know what to expect, because not only was this the first movie of the comic book film explosion that is still going on today, but Sam raimi directed evil dead. 'Wtflol?' the general public quieried. Nobody knew what to expect. When it released, it blew up like a gas tanker that explodes on a highway and injures five people, killing one. The movie is pretty badass and the sequel is unbelievable. The third one was the sign that the franchise was going downhill (cough cough a million villains and tobey maguire dance sequence shark jump). But just because the third wasn't legendary didn't mean that Hollywood would stop making them. Apparently, these days, the worse the franchise is the more money it makes. Wtflol! RIGHT? Anyhow, the franchise was killed for reasons unknown, most likely because Sam raimi made too many demands (I said FIVE CHEETAHS!). The actual reason was it needed to be revamped, and that new franchise is very close to starting principal photography. It's directed by Marc Webb, the guy who did 500 days of summer (his last name is Webb lolwtflol). The dude from imaginarium of doctor pussynassusopatomas is playing s-man, and here's the rub of my post- Mary Jane Watson. Is being. Played by. Emma stone. [snips rose from rosebush].
I could not be happier. She is so awesome, and is very quickly climbing the fame ladder. I didn't see easy A but it was apparently amazing, and according to Ebert, she's the next actress to keep an eye on (that was way lame he said something cooler I promise (well actually he didn't SAY anything because he doesn't have a face)). She was great in Superbad and good in zombieland, even though I marginally detest both of those films. I'm really excited about this remake because it puts spiderman back in high school which is exactly what the franchise should have been about from the beginning. It's gonna be good, I can't wait, blah blah blah lolwtflolrofwlwtfomg.

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