Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tokyo Has Gone Paranormal

Again, I am confronted with a quandary- I'm on my iPhone, browsing certain unscrupulous web pages, and I come across something that strikes me as interesting enough to share with you fine Cinemerators (yeah, you like that? You know you do) and I am stuck in the mud with no computer. What to do? Oh wait, [light bulb] I have an iPhone. I'll it. Hey hey!
Like I said, I couldn't pass this up. I just read an article about a real, legitimate movie entitled 'Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Nights'. There's a trailer and everything.
The trailer is...hilarious. It goes to show that you can literally make as many Paranormal Activity carbon copies as you want. I heard tell that paramount is attempting to do this with countries all over the country world. Spread like wildfire.
People will not only see this movie, they'll demand it. I'll try to see it, for two reasons-
1) I am a shaky-cam fan.
2) Asians terrify me.
Ask anybody I know (which is, like, so many people)- if there's one thing that shrinks my balls it's Anaconda malt liquor Asian horror films, particularly J-horror (Ringu, Ju-On, Pterodactyl Porn).
Yeah. I'm not going to say I'm astounded, because I should have seen this coming. The thing about movies like paranormal activity are they're cheap, easy to make, people will see it, and they're gravy in the long run.
So yeah, had to share. I'm at work right now. It's pretty cool, because I'm looking around at my coworkers, and I'm blogging at the same time, and it's like- they are totally unaware that I'm the Cinemeration guy. I feel like a celebrity walking through an airport without getting recognized! They're so close to greatness!

what are you doing up at this hour!

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