Wednesday, October 20, 2010

At Last, something awesome.

Ok, I guess I'll use this post for something useful. Here's the latest from my pals over at MovieWeb- the latest from my pals over at MovieWeb. 
Yup- they want Mahky Mahk to be the fahkin' CROW. You know, Mahk, he's a wuhkah, he's one of the good guys, that sunna bitch. 
The Crow, if you people don't know, was some movie from the nineties that didn't do very well but did develop a huge cult following because the star of the film, Brandon Lee, died during filming. Brandon Lee was the son of Bruce Lee, that one chinaman who did karate or whatever 
.*seriously, though- see 'the way of the dragon'- it's a movie about Bruce Lees life (aka a biopic, silly me), and it's super badass. They play it on AMC sometimes. Like that helps you in any way.
Apparently, one of the prop guys accidently shot off a blank (hahahahaha) too close to Brandon and he died. This is a big deal because it cemented the Lee curse- Bruce Lee also died during filming, while he was making 'Enter The Dragon'.  
And naturally people went nuts when Brandon Lee died, saying he could have been one of the greats, when in actuality The Crow isn't that good. It spawned like a million useless sequels and I have no idea why they want to remake it. MovieWeb says that Wahlberg will most likely turn down the part, because they say it won't interest him enough. But I know the real reason- he don't wanna die. Well, that can't be it, because if he thought he might die, he'd definitly agree to do it. He's not afraid to die, why, you tryin' to DENY that? A hahd wuhkah like Wahlbuhg? Fahk off.

Now, on to business.

viggo actually paid me to be in this picture

Come on, doesn't this picture simply beg and plead- 'buy me, if ye be Cinemerators'?
Yes, it feels good, being on top of the world. I hope my body doesn't mind- it's going to be roomies with that shirt for a long time! I smell a sitcom.

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