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Review: Antichrist *Reposted

I'm reposting a review I wrote for Antichrist a while back. That is to say, I'm reposting the review now, and the review I'm posting is one I wrote a while back. Grammar. Anyway, I wrote this last year, so go easy on me, it's my first time. ;) :D 8===D<

"The utter commitment from every creative aspect of this movie is dauntingly intimidating. The story reminds me of some forgotten end-tale mythos that can be described only as unforgiving and relentless chaos, and the imagery alone in von Triers latest venture is enough to recommend this movie.

Both Defoe and Gainsbourg melt into the world that is von Triers episodic monster, and become a part of a vision that isn't so easy to become a part of. It's very refreshing to see an already great performer like Willem Defoe knock another movie out of the park, and very frightening to see Gainsbourg do things to a man that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Gainsbourg explodes in this movie, and the glow of her performance shines till the very last frame.

Her character, 'She' (with Defoe as 'He'), splits into two different personas, one as a grieving mother and another as a woman bent on destruction. Defoe plays the supportive husband who doubles as her psychologist leading her through the grief and mourning of their recently departed toddler. When they venture to the place She fears most, the woods, the world around them becomes the anti-Eden: a garden of Chaos instead of Harmony.

There are numerous scenes in this movie that have been super-glued to my mind. Lars von Trier uses animals very frequently and makes them into twisted devices: the deer giving birth, the fox, the raven, and the baby bird being eaten by the hawk, symbolizing their own sons death.

However, sometimes the violence and brutal sexuality took me out of the movie and made me feel like I was watching Saw on cocaine. Also, the misogynistic tone was slapped in my face on more than one occasion. But, there is no way to tone down this movie- it had to be the way it is; anything more or less would have been a fatal imperfection.

There are so many great things about this movie that it makes me angry that more movies like this aren't made. I don't mean incredibly explicit movies, I mean movies that have a task and an objective that is pursued with full honesty and passion. For you see, that is precisely what Antichrist is- passionate. Whether you liked the movie or not, you cannot disagree- the people making this movie knew what they were doing and were damn proud of it. It gives me faith in the fading light that is today's film industry."
I had seen advertisements for this movie a while back, and when I saw it was on demand, I couldn't resist. It's hard for me to play both sides of the chest when describing this movie because I love it so much and I feel like I would be too preoccupied with touching myself.
*Player beware- just because there is a lot of sexually explicit activity in this movie, please refrain from wank-yanking. You'll get started and it'll be ok for a while, but suddenly you'll get a block of wood to the nuts and cum blood.
A buddy of mine brought it up one night and asked me what I thought about it. After five minutes of thinking (I had to go to the bathroom and do a pee-brainstorm), all I could come up with was, "I dunno, man, you see Wille Dafoe's dick." He then proceeded to laugh at me. [wilhelm scream] 
Yeah, I could go on forever about the cinematography. Sure, I could ramble about the editing (the train sequence). But I really think the reason I like this movie, drumroll please, is because Lars von Trier is a conceited, psychotic asshole. One of my favorite quotes of all time-
"I am the greatest film director in the world." -Lars von Trier (after the Cannes screening of 'Antichrist')
Before production on this movie started (not even a year before principal photography began), this guy tried to off himself and spent time in a mental institution. I don't know about you, but I think that's awesome. Go straight from the funny farm to behind the camera.
*there are too many sane directors in Hollywood. If making a movie doesn't drive you towards insanity then you're not doing your job.
Look at Jimmy Cameron. [empty pooper-scooper] The story 'round the campfire is that Cameron is a slave-driver to actors and AD's. He almost died during the filming of The Abyss because his oxygen tank almost ran out during an underwater sequence.
*some guy allegedly jumped in and tried to save him, but all he ended up doing was putting Cameron in more danger, and Cameron had to sock the guy in the face to get to the surface. The dude got fired. And subsequently went to live on a farm.
The Titanic shoot was supposedly the worst. The crew spent something like an extra 80 days at sea trying to get shots and feed grapes to Cameron. But look at the outcome- they're all pretty decent movies. I know it's strange to compare Cameron to von Trier, but I do have a point. The point is that you need to be a little crazy to make a good movie. It also boils down to artistic control. Good movies are made by people who have complete Independence from any outside factors (i.e. whiny actors, big-time production studios, deadlines, hurricanes, etc). Cameron and von Trier are on opposite sides of the ruler. Von Trier is an auteur in the most basic way- he's an independent filmmaker with a reputation for making great movies, in short, he's reliable. Cameron is the same way, except he maintains total control because he owns everything. Put either of them behind a camera and you're guaranteed what you're promised. [tips hat]
Anyway, Antichrist is great. You just have to see it for yourself. I can't wait for November, because that's when the Criterion DVD comes out. Willem Dafoe's shaft, how can you go wrong?

I give Antichrist four out of four squirts.

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