Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Points of Interest, lolwut?

What does Cinemeration and a volcano have in common?

Here's the basic lowdown- Lindsay Lohan was going to portray some famous pornstar in a movie called 'Inferno: The Linda Lovelace Story', but she inevitably dropped out of it because she is a cracked out crack whore who probably has a crack baby [say crack again] [crack]. So, for a little while, it appeared that the movie wasn't going to happen, and for that little while, I fell into a deep spiral of depression. All I wanted was a Linda Lovelace movie :(((. But, hark the herald angels sing, it's been saved- Malin Ackerman is stepping in as Linda. I love Malin Ackerman for two reasons- one, and two, she's sexy. I don't know, there's something about a physically attractive woman that makes me enjoy the movies she's in. I'll probably never see the Lovelace movie simply because it's a blip on the radar, but that's what I said about Trick r' Treat, and I worship that movie more than the snake god Bast.

With the Oscars looming overhead like an overdue blood test, the Academy (God love them) has released a list of 15 pictures who are eligible for the Best Animated Feature category, and the list is, as always, absolutely hilarious. I guess it's just because they have to have 15 features, because everybody knows that 85% of the animated movies you're apt to see in theaters are horrendous Disney fecal matter. Here's the list. My personal favorites- Legends of the Guardians, Alpha and Omega, and the winner- Cat's and Dogs- The Revenge of Kitty Galore. You've got to love the Academy. What can they do? Toy Story 3 is going to win. It's not even a question. The only other film on that list that could possibly stand a chance is How to Train Your Dragon, but Dreamworks doesn't hold much credence in the Animated category, save for the fact that Spielberg is behind it, but not even Spielberg can topple Disney, let alone Pixar. I can't wait to see what they narrow it down to. At least one of my favorite picks has to make the top 5.

...is finally starting to have a downside. Well, I don't know if I'd call it a downside. I'd call it an inevitability. That inevitability is the casting of semi-decent actors from Saturday Night Live and at-best supporting actors as main characters. See, the whole point of GB3 is that it's bringing in new Ghostbusters, and because they want to market to a newer audience (at one point they wanted to fire Ivan Reitman for a younger director which is total bullshit) they're going to hire household names. Ie, Anna Faris, Will Forte, and Bill Hader. Faris is a very attractive halfway decent actor who can be great in comedies, so I'm ok with her, and I can deal with Will Forte, but I don't like Bill Hader. I just don't think he's especially funny. I don't know. The movie is going to be awesome no matter what, it's just all these little hiccups along the way that make it a little frustrating.

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