Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good Movies That Haven't Come Out Yet


Somewhere, probably in Iceland, Roland Emmerich is biting his pillow.
This is the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles, a movie that is coming out March of next year. I usually read movies by their covers nowadays, and the title of this movie was enough for me not to be interested in seeing the trailer for it, even though it's plastered all over the interweb, but due to prompting by a Mr. Charles Nathan, I saw it and am mildly interested. I've got to hand it to whoever is behind this movie- this is a pretty decent trailer. The one I've attached (I would normally post the video directly but blogger is being a bag of dicks) is actually the second trailer. The first one is pretty cool too, there's just less voice overs. Which actually makes it better. See, what I like about this trailer is that it doesn't throw huge spotlights on Aaron Eck-hard and Michelle Rodrisomethingmexican. It just shows the action, which is all I want. See? A sensible trailer.
Yeah, this movie looks pretty intense, for the most part. I really like the design of the spaceships. They're super cool!
Also, I like the idea of 'the battle of los angeles'. That's what they should have called this movie. It implies the same thing as 'Battle: Los Angeles', except it sounds much cooler. The plot is going to be that aliens invade and destroy every major city and the humans make their last stand in LA. Convenient, too, because I hear LA has great tax incentives for alien movies. Also for movies that showcase the city's destruction, because it hates itself so much (If I were LA I'd hate myself too).
The music is also pretty cool, but whatever. This movie will not be very good, in all likelihood, but this trailer is pretty sweet. That's a lie, too, because I have no idea how this movie will turn out. It hasn't been getting very much attention, partly because the director is a no name and partly because it has very tired content, but all the attention it's getting is because of the trailer, and that should say something. I'm definitly seeing it, but my opinion may change as soon as TV spots start appearing like measles, because that's the time where it could go either way. That's when they start showcasing the actors, and I am totally indifferent to both of them, so we'll have to see.
I'm just glad it doesn't look like it'll be 3D. My heart can only take so much.

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