Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Movies to Watch OutFOR THAT TIRE

What's more terrifying than getting your head blown off? Getting your head blown off by a tire.
Magnolia Pictures is responsible for some pretty good movies (Worlds Fastest Indian, Color me Kubrick, The Great Buck Howard) and for some disgraceful pieces of trash that ain't fit to wipe the celluloid from my chest (World's Greatest Dad) (it's a real condition, ok?), and I'm not too keen on a company that distributed hippy shit like Food Inc (I LIKE cow urine in my apples, OK?), but Magnet releasing, which takes care of its off-the-track genre films, has since started churning out promising little nuggets, suck as this soon-to-be masterpiece, Rubber.

Apparently this is the second trailer for this movie and I say apparently with a snide tone of voice (watch your MOUTH) [beer bottle] [keep the change, you filthy animal].
What sounds better than a movie about a tire that comes to life and kills people. Is it supposed to be some kind of metaphorical retribution from something that we literally never pay more than a second of attention to? Some sort of...beattitudal homage? Is God to blame? All I know is that there's literally no way this is going to not be not not entertaining.

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