Friday, January 21, 2011

Christopher Nolan Pulls a Wild Card!

It'd be a right foul cin'merator of me INdeed if I faile'd to cin'merate 'bout this here st'ory. 
Unless you're bin Laden, you've heard the most recent hubbub trailing around the internets at 500 interwebs per n00b: Christopher Nolan reveals another meager percentage of his cast for the next installment in his Batman movies.
Allegedly this will be the last of the Nolan movies, and I've heard that Aronofski is at the top of the list to pick it up after him, but for his sake I hope he doesn''t turn it into some kind of 'POV exravaganza', to use a word I've been known to use to describe something I can't describe.
The news...(spoken in Diane Krugers overtly sexual tone) is collosal. Anne Hathaway is catwoman and Tom Hardy is...dum dum duuuummmmm Bane. Bane....BAAAAANNNNEEEEE.
Now before I go any further I want to remind you all that Chirsopher Nolan has said, numerous times, that he didn't want to reuse any characters. Ahem...catwoman and bane are, needless to say, used. Not like there's anything wrong with that, I just think it might, on some level, be a cop out on Nolans part. Maybe he couldn't intelligently use fresh characters, but oh well. I'm not worried. The reason I'm not worried is that Nolan cast Maggie Gylenhaal (if there's one person in Hollywood who shouldn't be in movies ever its Maggie Gylenhaal. And then Kristen Stewart.) and still got away with it. Don't misunderstand, I think Hathaway has a great rack, I just don't want it to be like 'oh, catwoman is a drug addict' or 'oh, catwoman has cat-cancer' or 'oh, catwoman is the princess of Genovia' ('oh, catwoman is pregnant'). Like I said, I'm not worried because so far Nolan has been able to get away with a lot. Inception, for example, is the ideal example of a fucking awesome action movie with zero direction for the actors, and it works in the same way Kubricks movies worked. The director focuses on what's important for the movie, and the rest follows- albeit straggling. I would have preferred Marion Cotillard, who is a better, more seasoned actress with on-par breasts, as catwoman, but such is life.
Tom Hardy is the best choice for anything ever. I was getting used to the prospect of him as Dr. Strange, but Bane is just as good. I looked it up and apparently Bane isn't some kind of mindless henchman in the comics- I knew he broke Batmans back, but supposedly he's some kind of master criminal. Which is puuuuurrrrrfect. Bane is definitly a villain but I'm not quite sure what he'll do with Catwoman, because she was always back and forth with Wayne. Also, do we think Hardy is going to kill Bale? I don't think so. At all, actually. Although it has been going on the wire as a possibility. Time will tell...interwebs, away!

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