Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review: The Roommate

Welcome to LA- where the sun rises 200 times faster than any other place in the world, and everyone looks up at the incredible buildings and how they reflect off of one another. A perfect day to start college, wouldn't you say? Enter Sarah Matthews, 30 18, straight off the boat from Des Moines, and ready to start her life as a freshman at the University of Los Angeles, a school where love coincides with each spiked cup of punch at every frat party on campus. Gracefully weaving between the ultimate frisbee players on the quad, she registers for her room and unpacks within the first 35 seconds. No waiting in lines for this run of the mill college beauty, no sir! During the next 90 seconds, she makes friends with the two hardiest party chicks on campus, gets wasty at a frat party, and becomes the love interest of the drummer of the band playing at the frat house- this guy:

Easy, baby. Let Ruffles McBrow soothe your roofie.

Yes, things are certainly looking up for Ms. Matthews, a design major holding the apple of the fashion teachers hugely metrosexual eye in the palm of her breast, this guy:

Listen to your friend Billy Zane, he's a cool guy..

Oh yeah. Billy Zane is in this movie and we haven't even passed the 5 minute mark yet. It isn't until we meet Sarah's roommate, an LA native who seems like she has something to hide. But Sarah is too wrapped up in her awesome first half hour of college to give two cares to anything like that. But her roommate is hiding something, a secret so deadly not even the fluffiest Billy Zane ascot can comprehend.
So yeah, I saw The Roommate. I'm not going to tell you what happens because I don't want any more goddam angry e-mails talking about how I'm spoiling movies. Normally I'd say that a movie like The Roommate is 'already spoiled' and thenhave a laugh and jump up and down and eat a slice of bonoffee pie (I've been in Europe too long), but this time it's different [dons shades] [gives dog matching shades].
I'm actually very surprised that The Roommate has a 4% on Rotten Tomatoes, because by all rights, this movie really isn't that bad. Please, don't misunderstand, this isn't classic that wll be discussed and dissected by mangy film students for the next twenty-odd years, but I wasn't necessarily un-entertained. How can I deny ascot Billy Zane? Bitches goin' crazy up in this movie.
Granted, the characters are as developed as a kid with down syndrome’s brain, but that doesn’t make the movie any less entertaining. I think reviewers are too preoccupied with the ridiculous script and horrifyingly dull characters to realize that you don’t have to ‘like’ a character to enjoy watching them in turmoil. The idea of everything going wrong with this girl Sarah Matthews, a totally unrelatable chick who has literally everything makes me like this movie. You can’t relate to Sarah Matthews because she is living a totally overblown college life. Nobody makes friends that fast, nobody gets into classes that quickly, and NOBODY (myself very much included) EVER gets their room situation figured out that quickly. You don’t go up to the counter, say your name, and get your room. No. You wait in line for forty five minutes, wait as the girl from student services who sucks at her job to find your name, wander around the hall for an hour trying to find your room, and then get your room. But you don’t unpack yet, because you haven’t eaten in twelve hours because the process is taking so long, so you go find some food. You get lost, spend too much money, and by 10 oclock at night you maybe try to start unpacking but you’re too tired by then. Maybe I’m just a little vindictive when it comes to college life, but hey, I’m in college. Oh, and nobody takes a cab to their school. Bitch.  
Anyway one of the things I actually did like in this movie is the camera work. I have a feeling that cheesy horror movies like this tend to get whatever film school cinematographer recently hopped off the boat in LA to shoot their movie, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, because film students tend to make decent pictures if you give them the chance. It’s ametueristic, to be certain, but it still has its charm.
Again, I really don’t know why this movie doesn’t have at least somewhere in the 30’s on rotten, because I have seen much much MUCH worse movies in my time with significantly higher aggregated scores. I honestly think it’s because reviews hate it even before they see it. I mean, PEOPLE liked this movie, and that’s obvious because it made twice as much as it took to make it.
I hereby bestow The Roommate 2 out of 4 squirts. Stay classy, Billy Zane.

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